Network Management Links 2008-05-29

  • Ethernet at 35 – With the official birthday of Ethernet considered to be May 22, 1973, Jeff Caruso takes a stroll down memory lane. Who would have ever imagined hitting 10 Gigabit speeds in 1973 or even 1993? It’s amazing how far ethernet has come.
  • Renewable Energy and the Data Center – With many states eying renewable energy sources for their ability to create power plant jobs, Ars Technica takes a different twist discussing how these new types of power can also create datacenter jobs.
  • VMWare Buys B-hive – I found this article interesting because¬† it offers yet another example of how virtualization is changing the network world. This article focuses on performance analysis.¬† In the same sense that Web 2.0 apps brought about the rise of new giants like MySpace and Facebook, virtualization is doing the same.

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